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April 18, 2011
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Our story begins with some familiar characters. It is three monthes after Sonic defeated Dark Gaia and everything is peaceful. But of course peace never lasts wrong.
Eggman's lab...
Dr. Eggman cackled as he sent some commands out to his robots.
"It took a few monthes, but it's finally finished! I'd like to see Sonic defeat THIS creation..."

Also meanwhile in some town...
"Amy, why are we here again?" Tails asked.
"Sonic missed his party and now he's missing!"
"Sonic's not missing Amy, he told us he's taking a break and going on a little vacation."
"Who asked you?"
"You did."
"Wonderful. A storm!"
A huge shadow had passed over the town.
"Uh, Tails? That's not a cloud."
Tails looked up. A giant ship was hovering in the sky.
Suddenly a huge mob of robots lowered out of it. Amy pulled out her Piko Piko hammer. "Finally! Tails; get ready! Sonic's got to be here somewhere if there's robots!"
"Yay..." Tails muttered.

A blue hedgehog opened his eyes after a short nap. "What happened to you, Chip? Are you still down there? Or did you turn into a spirit thing?" Sonic rolled back his sleeve and looked at the glowing orb. "What are you doing?" He covered it again and closed his eyes to resume.

But very soon, the robots proved to be too strong for her.
"Get that darn robot, Tails!" shouted Amy as she swung her hammer as her seventeenth robot. They only surrounding her.
"I'm trying!" returned Tails as he zapped five more.
"Tails! Get Sonic!"
"I'm not gonna leave you, Amy!"
"Don't make me ask you again!"
"No, Amy!"
"FIND SONIC!" screamed Amy as she nailed Tails with her hammer, sending him hurtling through the sky. A second later, the robots overtook her and began dragging her towards who-knows-where.

Later as Sonic is strolling back into a town.
"SONIC!" a familiar voice cried. Sonic looked up just in time to see Tails land on top of him.
"What the...Tails?!"
"Sonic! Amy's been captured by Egg-" Tails didn't finish before Sonic had sprinted off towards Eggman's lair.
"Hey! Wait up!" called Tails as he ran after him.

"Why'd I vacation on the whole other side of the planet?" muttered Sonic as his feet began to run across the vast water.

Amy opened her eyes to discover she still being carried by the robots. They were in a tunnel. She tried to squirm, but the robots had her fast.
"Excellent! Now place her inside the container!" said Eggman's voice. It seemed to be coming from a radio in the robots.
They robots came to the end of the tunnel. There was inside a huge glass container sitting there. Amy swuirmed more than ever. The robots opened the top and literally tossed her in and left.
"Let me go, Eggman!" she shouted.
"Let's!" She got up and pressed her hands against the glass. Eggman in his glass bubble lowered in from the ceiling. He was typing something into his computer. "Hiyah!" She brought out her Piko Piko hammer and began hitting the glass. Repeatedly.
"No! Stop that!" Eggman pulled at his bald dome. The glass cracked. He quickly typed something into his keyboard. Amy stopped. She heard a quiet hissing sound. She looked up with confusion. Her hammer fell from her hands as she got many dizzy spells. She fell to her knees rubbing her forehead. Her eyes closed as she what seemed like passing into a faint dream.

By the time Sonic had reached Eggman's lair and gotten to the top, it had gotten dark. How conveinent. He pressed the all-too-obvious button to open the doors. Just as he entered, he heard a mono-tone computer voice say, "Transformation 80% complete."

In the middle of the room was a tube filled with purple gas. Sonic couldn't see in it, except for where the gas was thinner, where he saw the bottom of Amy's boot. "Ah, Sonic. A little late. You seem to be losing your edge. Or maybe I'm gaining it!" Eggman laughed.
"Cut the corn! Where's Amy?" demanded Sonic.
"You mean your pink little friend? Allow me to explain; after you defeated Dark Gaia, I hatched my own idea! Using three main factors, your friend will 'sacrifice her normal life' to help me with my own creation. I'll be seeing you!" farwelled Eggman as his machine grabbed the glass tube and exited out the roof.
"Hey!" screamed Sonic. He ran out onto the balcony just as Eggman's machine went into turbo-speed. He lept off it to the land below, which wasn't that far, and sprinting, Eggman's machine staying a smudge in the gray night sky as he pursued.
Tails sighed as he turned around in the Tornado.

Just as Sonic reached the other side of the ocean, the smudge began to repeatedly dip. Sonic's eyes widened in horror and pushed on harder. Sonic could hear Eggman's voice and the roar, but he couldn't understand it. Now they had begun to fall. It went from dipping low to plain out falling. Sonic gasped and watched in terror as the machine crashed into the forest. Because of traveling around the globe so fast, the sun was about to rise, rather than the sky be pitch dark on the other side of the ocean. As Sonic came to the thick forest, he got an idea. He sprung up and jumped from tree trunk to tree trunk, trying to follow the smell and sight of smoke.
As he landed on another trunk, it snapped and he fell. He looked at the tree trunk annoyed, but his annoyed expression changed quickly as he heardthe same blood curdling roar he had heard in Eggman's lab. He rushed towards the sound, but not before he understood Eggman shout, "Stop that! Ahhh!" Something glass was just thrown. Sonic saw Eggman in his flying bubble, without the glass tube, shoot into the air. When he saw Sonic, Eggman angrily shouted, "I'll leave you two to get acquainted." And he flew off.
"Eggman!" Sonic shouted, but he had gone.
Sonic heard the roar again. "AMY!" he screamed. He ran into the burnt clearing where they'd crashed. Sonic couldn't see much, thanks to the thick smoke. He heard Amy cough. He looked it the sound's direction and saw a cracked glass container with Amy in it. After Sonic had lifted it off her, Amy was lying there unconscious. Sonic brushed the glass bits off her that had been scratching her pink fur. He shook her shoulders gently, but she didn't stir. She was breathing, though.
'I'd better get out of this smoke,' thought Sonic. He picked her up in his arms and began running slower than normal through the forest.
In his arms, Amy subconsciously smiled.

When he finally got out of the think clearing of trees, the sun was beginning to climb. He saw a river with lots of willow trees and headed towards it. He set her down next to it on the grass and flung water on her face. Amy's eyes twitched and she shook her head, awakening. She looked around and said, "Sonic? Where am I?"
Sonic let out the huge sigh he'd been holding. "How do you feel?"
Just then, they heard a familiar whirring sound.
"Heyyyyy!" Tails' voice sounded from above. Amy and Sonic looked up to see Tails in the Tornado above them. He brought it down a ways from them and then ran to them.
"Amy! You should have seen how fast Sonic was going! I've never seen him run that fast before!"
Sonic blushed slightly and rolled his eyes. "Your imagination, Tails."
"I saw you and Eggman do down! Are you okay?"
"Amy, what do you remember?" Sonic asked.
"Well," Amy replied while looking at the water. "I remember being in town, with a bunch of Eggman's robots. Me and Tails were getting them, but they overcame me, so I whacked Tails with my hammer."
Tails rubbing his thigh where a giant bruise was showing.
"Then they carried me off while pressing something to my face. I tried struggling, but those stupid robots were wayyyyy too strong, so next thing I know; I'm passing out. When I opened my eyes, they were carrying me through a tunnel to a giant tube. They tossed me in and left. I saw Eggman outside typing something into his computer. Then I hit the glass with my hammer, but before I could escape, I heard a hissing sounds, so I looked up, and some purple gas was coming in. I think I feinted again."
"Tails, do you have any idea about what Eggman did to her?"
"Did Eggman say anything?"
Sonic laughed. "Doesn't he always? He said something about how he had used three key factors to have Amy give up her normal life."
"Ooh. I'll need some time to figure that one out."
Amy looked at the ground nervously. She HAD heard Eggman mumble about something. Something about a transformation. Could it be- no! She quickly shoved the idea out of her mind and smiled at Sonic. She was going to enjoy this moment.
Yay! I wrote my first chapter of a fan-fic! This is also a Sonamy story. :love:
Please comment your thoughts: I'd like feedback. :)

Cut the corn! :giggle: :rofl:

The next chapter is in my gallery!

Sonic & Characters copyrighted to Sega

Story copyrighted to me
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