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"CANNON BALL!" yelled Amy as she jumped off the tall rock.
"Oh yeah?" returned Tails. He spun his tails, flew up high, and dropped like a stone.
After Amy had convinced Sonic she was okay, he decided to continue his vacation with his friends.  Sonic would swim, but he had his fear of water. So he was just sitting on the shore.
"I think I'm gonna warm up on the sand," Amy told Tails.
Amy swam to shore and sat next to Sonic. Tails followed.
'Darn it, Tails!' Amy thought. 'Can't I get any kind of alone time with Sonic?!'
"Do you want to head into that town? It's over there," Sonic pointed.
"Sure..." The trio got up and started walking. Amy sighed.

"Thank you," Amy said sweetly when the man handed her the free snow cone. It was a rainbow. She began licking it as she ran to catch up with Sonic and Tails, who also had their snow cones. They were enjoying themselves during the town's festival. Now it was about seven P.M and the sunset was on its way, maybe an hour or so. The town was very superstitious, and the festival was a week long celebration of the exile of werewolves. It was a time of happiness. And free snow cones!
Sonic had his yellow snow cone and Tails had his red. They were watching the water dancers. "What do you think of these dancers, Amy?" Tails asked enthusiastically, his two tails moving eagerly with his excited quivers.
"I think they're amazing, Tails..." Amy replied quietly. Her mind kept drifting back to what Eggman had said. DNA sample...essence...transformation...
The crowd cheered. One of the dancers had just done what looked like dance with a little water dragon. It dispersed and fell to the ground again. After about an hour, Amy turned to walk away.
"Hey, Amy; where you going?"
"I want to see what else there is here."
"Okay!" Tails exclaimed. "But I want to be back here in time for the sunset dancers."
"We will."
"I think I heard someone say something about FIRE dancers. I bet they have a lot of different kind of dancers here. Let's see the fire ones!" Tails requested, excited.
"Okay, Tails!" Amy said smiling as the Tails pulled them down the streets.

"Face it Sonic; we're lost."
"No, Amy...we just don't know where we are."
"That's the same thing," Tails said, annoyed.
"Ignoring. Let's just head back to the water dancers."
They'd been searching around for a long time and now it was night. The tired trio headed back towards the stage. To break the silence, Sonic said, "I heard the stage is positioned just so when they dance, they're dancing with the setting sun behind them." All three had finished their snow cones, but Amy had had a sudden burst of enthusiasm and her muzzle was stained with numerous colors. Sonic couldn't help snickering every time he looked at her.
"Sonic!" Tails whispered. Amy didn't here, rather, she kept walking.
"What?" he whispered back.
"Amy's different... I don't know how, but she is."
"What are you talking about?"
"Don't you think something's different?"
"You're crazy." Sonic ran to catch up with Amy.
Tails sighed, annoyed.

About fifteen minutes later, they had found the stage and were watching the graceful dancers, well, dance. Amy, Sonic, and Tails were watching the people twirl around the stage. Tails tapped Sonic's shoulder.
"Sonic!" he whispered.
"What now?"
"Look at Amy!"
Sonic looked over. "What about her?"
"She's almost as tall than you!"
"It's the lighting, Tails."
"No it's not! Sonic! Stop ignoring it; something's wrong!"
"Tails, stop it." Sonic resumed looking at the dancers. But even he could see that Amy was a little bit taller, almost as tall as Sonic. Something else was different. Her quills seemed much darker...nearly black. 'Must be the lighting,' Sonic thought.
"I'm gonna go back," Amy said suddenly.
"Why?" Sonic asked.
"I don't know... I just don't really like the crowd."
Amy turned, Sonic and Tails following.
"Hey, Amy," Tails asked. "How do you feel?" Sonic rolled his eyes.
"I feel great Tails. Why?"
"Just wondering."
Amy stopped in the center of the street. She was standing next to a street lamp and staring at the stars. The moon was behind a cloud. Sonic's eyes widened. Amy was standing in bright light and her quills still looked black.
"Ugh, why is my dress so tight?" Amy said while pulling on her neck hem. She turned back towards Sonic and Tails. "What? Sonic? Tails? What are you staring at? Heellllooo? Sonic!"
"Sonic," Tails whispered into Sonic's ear. "I think her dress is tight because, umm...her...'chest' area."
"What?" Amy asked, she didn't hear Tails.
Her dress was very tight around her chest area. Tails was right.
"You're right, Tails. Jeese, this is awkward."
"Whatever, you guys." Amy turned back towards the sky. She sighed happily. "Just look at those stars!"
"Amy," Sonic said, "Something is very wrong."
"What are you talking about, Sonic?" She faced them again.
"You're taller, you're quills look black, and you're dress is, umm, tight."
Amy smiled. "Sonic, it's just your imagination."
"No it's not."
"Yes it is! Sonic," Amy was shouting, "why can't you just appreciate the sky? It's so beautiful..."
"Amy, I think you've had enough starlight." Something clicked in Sonic's head. "Ok, Amy, I know Eggman must've said something while you were there. What was it?!
"He said something about some DNA, Dark Gaia, and some essence..."
"What kind of DNA and essence?" Tails elbowed Sonic and pointed. Amy had noticeably shrunk back to normal size, her quills pink, and her chest...regular.
"Some of your DNA from when Dark Gaia was awake, a small piece of Dark Gaia, and some werewolf essence. Nothing big..." She yawned and continued walking down the street, not taking her eyes off the stars.
"Sonic! I think I know what Eggman did to her! Your DNA of that form you were in for her appearance, a tiny piece of Dark Gaia for normality when the sun rises, and the werewolf essence?"
Just then the moon came out. Tails didn't get to finish, for somewhere in the darkness, they heard Amy let out a horrible scream.
And it didn't stop.
Sonic sprinted towards where Amy had walked, but she wasn't there. She kept screaming.
"Amy! Where are you!" No answer, just the spine tingling scream. A roar overlapped it.
And then it stopped.
Okay, I redid chapter 2. Here it is.

The next chapter is in my gallery!

Sonic and characters copyrighted to Sega

Story copyrighted to me
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